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About Us

Welcome to DinoStoreus!

DinoStoreus produces true museum-quality dinosaur replicas at affordable prices. At DinoStoreus, quality is of great importance to us. Each of our models are meticulously created at our factory with significant attention to detail given to every piece.

After each item is produced, every DinoStoreus product is then painstakingly inspected at our factory, before it is packed and shipped to our warehouse. Not only do we inspect each model for any imperfections, but we carefully check the finish of each item, to be assured that it is properly painted. After our models arrive at our warehouse in the U.S., they are once again carefully inspected before they are shipped to our customers, in order to be sure that the item is free from any damages or defects. We do this with each and every model, every time, with no exceptions! We do not subscribe to the belief that something with slight imperfections is “good enough.” We guarantee that every DinoStoreus product we sell is of the highest quality, and we guarantee 100% complete satisfaction with the quality of each and every piece! Not many companies are willing nor able to say that!

Here’s how it all begins… Our products are initially developed under the guidance of paleontologists and are based on the latest scientific findings and theories. Using this information, our paleo-artists create sculptures that are not only scientifically accurate, and created to scale, but offer an astounding level of detail. Once the sculpture is complete, latex molds are then created which allows for exact castings of the sculpture to be produced. Using a polyresin material, which allows for perfect reproduction of even the smallest details, polyresin castings are then produced from the molds. In some cases (i.e., our Skeleton series), the castings are then assembled. The completed casting is then hand-painted using an acrylic resin paint, which is durable, long-lasting, and offers a realistic, natural finish. Sitting or mounted atop a solid wood base painted in a rich, elegant red-mahogany finish, the end results are superior products unlike anything you’ve seen before. With their quality, accuracy and credibility, DinoStoreus’ dinosaur products can now be found in the finest museums throughout the nation.

DinoStoreus offers our dinosaur products directly to the public, as well as supplying retail stores throughout the United States. If you are a retail store and are interested in carrying our dinosaur products, please contact us for all the details.

We are sure you will be impressed with our pieces. They will look great in any home or office. They are not only a must for dinosaur enthusiasts and collectors, but make wonderful birthday, Father’s Day, Holiday Season and executive gifts. Treat yourself, or someone you care about, to a DinoStoreus dinosaur replica, and purchase one today… before they become extinct!



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Product Specifications

Dinosaur Models

  • All dinosaur models are constructed from polyresin and include a solid wood base (unless otherwise noted).
  • Use of wooden base for display is optional on most Skull Models and Finished Models, however, is required on the Skeleton Models.
  • Framed Dinosaur Skeleton Art is constructed from polyresin and framed with solid wood.
  • All models, wood bases and wood frames are finished with an acrylic resin paint.
  • All scales, as well as size and weight dimensions shown are approximate and for reference purposes only.
  • As with any individually produced and hand-painted product, slight variations in color may occur.


Dinosaur Accessories

  • Dinosaur Ballpoint Pens are constructed from plastic and include a replaceable ink tube.
  • Dinosaur Resin Magnets are constructed from polyresin and are finished with an acrylic resin paint.
  • Dinosaur Pewter Magnets are constructed from solid pewter metal with a brushed-pewter finish. Proposition 65 Warning.
  • Dinosaur Keychain charms are solid pewter with a brushed-pewter finish. Keyrings are chrome-finished metal. Proposition 65 Warning.



DinoStoreus Products and the CPSIA Regulations

Product safety is very important to us. To see how the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) affects our products, please click here: CPSIA Compliance.