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Why are so many of your products out-of-stock?

(UPDATED APRIL 2024) Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, most of our out-of-stock items were a result of production delays at our factory. While we always do everything possible to get all our out-of-stock dinosaur models back in-stock again as soon as possible, unfortunately the delays were often times beyond our control. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, however, everything changed. Most international borders were shut down and many businesses were shuttered, including our factory. This not only prevented our items from being produced and shipped, but would not allow our product inspectors to visit our factory. As a result, everything was placed on-hold, indefinitely. When international borders eventually reopened, we were faced with an unprecedented supply-chain crisis that had resulted from the pandemic. Many of the manufacturing materials used to create our products were unavailable, and shipping containers were in extremely short supply. Sadly, as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic, our factory did not survive. The good news is that the supply-chain crisis has improved dramatically, and we recently commenced production again at a new facility. We expect this new production to be completed and in-stock at our warehouse by the end of summer 2024. Some of the items that will be arriving and in-stock again will be the T.rex and Velociraptor Skulls (and a handful of other Skull Models), along with several of our Skeleton series models, such as the Stegosaurus and Allosaurus. We are very excited about this upcoming production, so please continue to check back with us periodically for further updates.

Can I place my order over the phone?

While we certainly welcome your phone call, unfortunately due to the high-level of credit card fraud, and the security requirements implemented as a result, at this time we are not accepting credit card orders over the phone. We currently accept orders on our website via PayPal (although you are not required to have a PayPal account in order to purchase). If you do not feel comfortable using PayPal or ordering online, we gladly accept checks or money orders, made payable to DinoStoreus, and mailed to our PO Box address, as shown on the Contact Us page. When mailing a check or money order, please remember to include the appropriate shipping charges and sales tax if applicable (9.5% for California residents only). Don’t forget to include a note as to which item(s) you want to order, including the item number(s), and please include your shipping address (no PO boxes please).

I don’t have a PayPal account. Can I use my credit card to order?

We use PayPal to process all orders. Through PayPal, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and debit cards. You do not need to have a PayPal account in order to make a purchase, however, getting a PayPal account is fast, easy and free. If you do not have an account, upon checkout, simply click on the “Don’t have a PayPal Account?” link and then enter your debit or credit card information as you normally would when making an online purchase. If you are already registered with PayPal, you can simply log in using your e-mail and password.

Do you have a store I can visit?

Unfortunately we do not have a walk-in store. Our warehouse is located in Santa Clarita, California, and we ship our dinosaur products worldwide from this location.

Can I purchase your products at other stores?

Yes. Our dinosaur models are available at museums nationwide, as well as other fine retailers throughout the U.S.

Do you ship to other countries?

Yes. We ship our dinosaur products worldwide. If you are interested in ordering any of our dinosaur models, please send us an inquiry, and we’d be happy to provide you with a shipping quote. Please let us know which model(s) in particular you are interested in, as every piece is different. Also, if you are considering multiple items, please let us know that as well. Ordering multiple items at the same time saves quite a bit of money, as the shipping is less expensive if we ship them all together in one carton.

How much does it cost to ship an item to my country?

That depends on which item(s) you are interested in and within which country you reside. If you are interested in ordering any of our dinosaur products, please send us an inquiry, and we’d be happy to provide you with a shipping quote. Please let us know which dinosaur model(s) in particular you are interested in, as every piece is different. Also, if you are considering multiple items, please let us know that as well. Ordering multiple items at the same time saves quite a bit of money, as the shipping is less expensive if we ship them all together in one carton.

Will I have to pay any customs fees/duties?

For our international customers, please be aware that all goods shipped internationally may be liable to customs duty and/or tax upon importation, whether or not the package is marked as a gift. Customs duties, fees or taxes are not included in our shipping charge. Please note that any additional charges assessed are not US Customs export charges, but are actually import fees charged by your government. Unfortunately, we do not know how much, if anything, your Customs department may charge you to import our product(s), and if this is of concern, we suggest you contact your Customs department to inquire about any possible charges before making your purchase.

Do I have to pay Sales Tax?

In accordance with the law, we collect and report sales tax on all California purchases shipping to a California location. If you reside outside of California, including outside the USA, no sales tax will be charged. However, please note that other states and countries may still require the buyer to report and pay sales tax for online purchases, whether or not any tax was collected at the time of purchase. Please consult with your state/local tax collector regarding their reporting requirements.

If I order an item today, how long will it take to arrive?

That depends on what item(s) you order and to where it is being shipped. Upon receipt of your order, we typically process and ship most items within 2 to 3 days, and in some cases even on the same or next day. Skeleton series models will take longer to process due to the complex inspection and packaging required on those items. Once your order has been shipped from our warehouse, delivery (transit) time within the USA is generally 1 to 7 days, depending on your location. Orders are typically shipped via UPS and the US Postal Service (USPS), using their standard Ground services. For other delivery options, or for faster delivery services like Express Mail / Next Day Air (available at an additional charge), please inquire at time of ordering. International orders are typically shipped via USPS Priority Mail International or Priority Express Mail International (EMS) services. For international orders, please inquire for shipping rates.

Do you provide shipping insurance and tracking numbers?

Absolutely! All our dinosaur models are shipped fully insured, to protect in the event of loss or damage during transit. Shipping confirmation and a tracking number will be provided once your order has been shipped. The insurance and tracking info is included at no additional charge.

Can I get a discount on shipping if I order multiple items?

For USA orders, unfortunately no. Our shipping special of only $8 USD per item is far below the actual costs we incur when shipping the model to you. We take a tremendous loss on shipping, and are only able to do so since we are the manufacturer and we have a little bit more “wiggle room” to offset the shipping losses. International customers, however, are encouraged to order multiple items at the same time, because our international shipping charges are based on the actual shipping costs we get charged from the shipping company. Since we receive a discount for shipping multiple items in the same carton, we pass that savings on to you. For our international customers, ordering multiple items at the same time will save you quite a bit of money if we combine them all together in one carton. For international orders, please inquire about the shipping costs.

Do the models ever go on sale?

Unfortunately no. Our dinosaur models are considered “collectibles”, and as with all collectible items, they never go on sale. This assures you that you will never have to worry about missing a sale or buying something at a higher price before it goes on sale.

Do you ever discontinue models?

Typically, no. Our goal is to be the largest producer of high-quality, affordably-priced dinosaur models. Unless an item proves problematic to produce or ship, we will continue to offer it indefinitely. Since our beginning, in 2002, with the exception of only two items, we still offer our entire collection of DinoStoreus dinosaur models, and have no plans to discontinue anything.

The item I want shows as “Out-of-Stock”. What does this mean?

We make every attempt to ensure that each and every item is always in-stock and available for immediate shipping. Unfortunately, sometimes situations beyond our control, such as production delays, will cause certain items to be unavailable. Most of our out-of-stock items are currently in production at our factory, and will hopefully be available soon. Please feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to let you know when that item is expected to be in-stock again. Simply ask us to put you on a waiting list, and we’ll gladly notify you when the model becomes available again. We really apologize for our unavailable products, and rest assured, we are doing everything possible to get all our out-of-stock dinosaur models back in-stock again as soon as possible.

How long have you been in business?

We have been producing the high-quality affordably-priced DinoStoreus brand of dinosaur collectibles since 2002, and have no plans to stop.

Are the models already assembled and painted, or do I need to assemble/paint them?

All our dinosaur models come already assembled, and fully painted. Unlike many expensive dinosaur “kits” that sell for two to three times as much, and require building and painting, our dinosaur models are ready for display right out of the box. You do not need to be an artist or model builder to enjoy our high-quality collectibles.

Can I buy the model unpainted or without the wood base?

All our dinosaur models come fully painted from our factory and ready for display. Unfortunately we do not offer any of our dinosaur models unpainted. As for the wood bases, use of the base is required on all Skeleton series models, however, use of the wood base is completely optional for most of the Skull Models and Finished Models. If you do not wish to use the wood base with your Skull Model or Finished Model, simply don’t. And if you have no need for the wood base, please let us know at the time of purchase and we can ship the model without it. While there is no difference in the price, not sending a wood base that would otherwise be discarded is simply just good practical sense. Less waste is always good for the environment, and Mother Earth will thank you for it.

Are the models based on any specific dinosaur discoveries?

Our dinosaur models are not based on any one specific dinosaur specimen (for example Sue, the T.rex), but instead are based on the review of many fossil discoveries. Creating a dinosaur model based on multiple specimens rather than just one proves to be more scientifically accurate, as it eliminates any abnormalities that may be present in the one specimen. Our paleoartists review many different fossils from the species when creating a new model, thereby assuring that the model is anatomically correct.

Can you produce a custom model for me, or do you take requests for new models?

We do not typically produce custom models, as the expense incurred in researching the dinosaur and sculpting the model are pretty significant, usually costing thousands of dollars or more. Of course if that is something you really wanted, please feel free to contact us, and we can discuss the various details. As for new dinosaur model requests, we love to hear from our customers and we welcome any suggestions. Please keep in mind however that requests for lesser-known dinosaurs, while that may appeal to you, will not appeal to the masses. And unfortunately, as with any business, in order to produce an item, it has to be cost-effective. Producing a dinosaur model that is not well-known, or is similar to something we currently offer, may only result in a few sales of that item, and therefore would be cost-prohibitive.

What are the models made from?

Our dinosaur models are constructed out of polyresin, which allows for perfect reproduction of even the smallest details, and are then hand-painted using an acrylic resin paint, which is durable, long-lasting, and offers a realistic, natural finish. Most of our models come with a solid wood base (unless otherwise specified), finished in a red-mahogany color, and include a solid brass plate with the name of the dinosaur and the scale of the model attached. A metal post is also included with our Skeleton and Skull series models, to attach the model to the base, where applicable.

Are the models fragile?

Yes. Our dinosaur models are made of polyresin, which is fragile by nature, and will break if dropped. While the Skull Models and Finished Models are fairly durable by design, and will not break under normal handling, the Skeleton Models are a bit more fragile. Our dinosaur models are not toys, and therefore are not intended to be played with. If the models are displayed in a bookcase or placed on a desk or shelf and left alone, they will do fine and will last for years to come. The good news is that if you accidentally happen to snap off a rib from your Skeleton Model while dusting, please let us know, and we can advise you on how to fix it. Most damages can be repaired very easily. With the right glue and a steady hand, the repair will be virtually undetectable.

How are the models packed for shipping?

All our dinosaur models are packed very carefully, in a custom-fitted Styrofoam clam-shell type packaging. A soft sponge-foam is added, when needed, between the Styrofoam and the model, to offer additional cushioning. The Styrofoam packaging is then sealed and placed inside its product box. For our Skull Models and Finished Models, the product box is then placed inside a shipping carton, and surrounded on all sides with packing material for extra protection during shipping. Our dinosaur models have been drop-tested, and will withstand normal shipping conditions. For our Skeleton Models, due to their large size, the product box and the shipping carton are one-in-the-same. Because of this, we have added an additional layer of sponge-foam on the outside of the Styrofoam (between the Styrofoam packaging and the shipping carton), on all sides, to allow even more cushion and protection during transit.

What are your shipping, order cancellation and return policies?

Our Shipping Details, as well as our Order Cancellation and Return Policies, can be found here: Shipping and Returns